Ocean Engine

bytedance core agency, effect + brand, intelligent marketing platform

Massive traffic marketing resource platform
Multiple coverage of various life scenarios of users, occupying various fragmented time of users
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  • Toutiao China's well-known personalized information recommendation platform, with 9 directional dimensions and a total of 2.2 million+ tags
  • Douyin short video Short video platform to record a good life,400 million daily users
  • Watermelon video Personalized video recommendation platform with cumulative users exceeding 350 million and daily average playback exceeding 4 billion
  • Pangolin AD Based on massive traffic, professional technology and product capabilities, it provides efficient application growth and monetization solutions for global applications and advertisers
  • Multi-dimensional targeting, precise delivery

    Taking advantage of data, based on 600T+ massive user group portraits, dynamic analysis and in-depth modeling of user behavior characteristics are performed. Accumulate a rich orientation system to help you accurately identify the target group, let them see your promotion, and become your customers.




  • Smart tools
    Assist one-stop delivery

    From creative production to effect optimization, smart tools help you complete it in one stop, making your promotion easier

Flexible billing method Pay according to actual effect
According to your promotion goals and budget, control the cost of delivery to a greater extent and improve the effectiveness of advertising
  • Multiple billing methods Billing by exposure, click, conversion, etc.,Meet diverse promotion needs
  • Effective cost control On the premise of obtaining high-quality traffic,Effectively control costs and increase conversion rate
  • Pay-as-you-go Pay by real conversion (CPA),Directly hit the target crowd, no conversion and no charge
  • Over-cost compensation protection Take the early stage risk of oCPM advertising,Pay more if the cost is higher
Perfect launch and operation support
  • Perfect launch and operation support The team members are all senior optimizers who have been working for more than 3 years. Our company provides a 7*24 hour optimization service system
  • Professional video shooting team Our company is equipped with a professional video shooting team of 30 people+ including content planning, script writing, co-production, professional shooting, post-editing, etc., which can meet the needs of customers in various industries for information streaming.
  • Personalized customization Including brand analysis, case planning, material production, crowd portrait, directional analysis and other integrated delivery solutions