Qianfan Cloud

Integrated Service Platform for Content Ecology in Emerging Market

Serving more than 500 local websites throughout China, Qianfan Cloud provides one-stop mobile SaaS service solutions and aims to become Internet service brand in China.

Qianfan Cloud's current services include mobile site, cloud content, cloud advertising, short video, live webcast, classified information, interactive marketing, etc.

China's Internet SaaS service platform
  • 32 Cover provinces
  • 500+ Cover cities
  • 75% Cover the largest local media
  • 30 million+ Cover users per month
Internet traffic portal in third and fourth tier cities of China
  • 100million Daily content views
  • 60million Platform registered users
  • 15.1min Visit duration per person
  • 5.1 Average number of times of opening app per person
Case (part)
  • Local portal

  • Local self media

  • Local mainstream media



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