IN-APP Advertising Platform

  • Rich scenes and flexible entrance Incentive video, open screen, native information flow...
  • We understand your users better than you After years of digital marketing, user product matrix, and content provision services,The amount of user behavior data, let us know more about your users
  • Reached over 800 million users One-stop SDK multi-channel intelligent traffic distribution strategy to improve traffic monetization efficiency and helpThe media increase revenue.
  • Integrate high-quality content, enhance user stickiness, and increase product value Provide 'content + advertisement' one-stop cashing service
  • New advertising and marketing scenarios for live e-commerce
    Rich advertising scene
  • Native

    Highly integrated into the native scene, support application download + application direct

  • Banner

    Support GIF, PNG, JPG pictures, suitable various application scenarios

  • Open screen

    Full-screen display of advertising ideas, support for downloading and direct access of animations

  • Dialog

    Pictures, vertical pictures and horizontal pictures are displayed randomly

  • Video

    Immersive user experience to realize the integration of product and sales

  • Video flow

    Strong interaction, heavy experience, high yield

Content + advertising change scene

There are three kinds of display modes including graphic, graphic, and video. It has nearly 37 channel categories of current affairs, finance, entertainment, and culture. It can be freely combined. Advertisements can be inserted in the information stream and the details page.

  • One-stop access
  • Multiple monetization scheme
  • Professional monetization platform
  • Quality Service Team
  • Enjoy high yield

Star plus AD is a one-stop traffic monetization platform under Star Media. For various product types such as PC, H5, APP, applet and also varied monetization scenes, it provides corresponding forms, budgets and interfaces to help developers to make though. The core members of our team are former professionals in the commercial product teams of Baidu and Xiaomi,equipped with rich experience in product development and operation. The Star+ platform has now provided access to nearly 1,000 media, and the daily advertising impressions have exceeded 1 billion.



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