Gravity Live

E-commerce live broadcasting Alliance

Gravity Live helps developers to easily build e-commerce live broadcast scenes within the APP, and direct traffic into the live broadcast room for direct conversion and monetization. The path is short, efficient, and stable. It is a useful supplement to advertising monetization and helps developers effectively increase user ARPU. Gravity Live E-commerce Live Streaming Alliance has joined hands with hundreds of APPs, covering 500 million users, and jointly creating a new live streaming e-commerce traffic field other than Tao Shao Kuai. Gravity Live is a part of “Stars + One-Stop SDK”. Developers can have a variety of traffic monetization methods with one-time access, and can be flexibly matched and used according to their own characteristics to easily increase revenue.

One-stop service
  • Efficient realization When traffic is introduced into the live broadcast room, it can be directly converted and monetized. The path is short and efficient. It is a useful supplement to advertising monetization and effectively increases the ARPU of users.
  • Scene adaptation It can adapt to a variety of scenes. App can be flexibly adapted for content or tools, and the user experience is good.
  • Rich content E-commerce live broadcast not only brings incremental revenue, but also has high-quality content attributes, effectively increasing user time.
  • Openness After accessing the SDK, developers can use Gravity Broadcast's open e-commerce live broadcast capabilities for self-broadcasting. In the future, more capabilities such as access to the developer's own mall will be opened up.
A new traffic field
SDK - Scenarios


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