Star Media is a star-up company focused on mobile Internet content ecology, taking advantage of artificial intelligence and big data to promote the development of smart media. In the course of the company's development, we stuck to the concept of customer-oriented technological innovation and made every effort to become a responsible integrated service platform in the mobile internet field.

At present, Star Media has four major business segments: 1. Cloud services for developers in emerging markets, mainly including "Smart Cloud" (intelligent content aggregation and distribution platform) and "Sail Cloud" (a regional mobile Internet SaaS service platform covering nearly 600 cities and counties)2. User product matrix in emerging markets, including Leopard Call and Fun Input which have more than ten million users3, "Star +" : a professional one-stop service platform for traffic monetization4. Star solutions for short video content marketing



Important partners of Star Media : byte beat, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, glory, vivo, Meizu, Jingdong, pinduoduo, cheetah mobile, people's network, global network, Sina, yidianwen, qutoutiao, mainstream media and many mobile Internet developers.
  • Sincerity

    We stick to honesty and integrity
  • Agile

    We believe every little progress contributes to future success
  • Cooperation

    We embrace innovation and look forward to win-win cooperation with our partners
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2019 Fully built up service capabilities for developers in emerging markets, Smart Cloud and Sail Cloud continuing to empower thousands of partners
2018 Launched the "Star +" one-stop monetization service platform, which provides all-round effective monetization solutions for channel platforms, media, content production institutions and APP developers.
2017 Successfully built up a content distribution and traffic monetization platform based on big data technology; set up a short video marketing service team and became the core agent for advertisers which run ads in Kwai and TikTok.
2015 "Smart Wi-Fi hardware + network security + big data" constituted a quick-connecting WLAN system to build accurate offline scenarios
2012 Main flow access resources and professional vertical media, the company maintains a growth rate of more than 100% per year.
2010 Establishment
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